Monday, April 10, 2006

Reservation Vs. Communism Vs. Racism

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A letter to the president

One of my friends put it fantasically - "Unity in diversity what politicians say, lets distribute fools also uniformly". Reservation, like Communism, is bad not just for its implementation, but it is rotten in its whole principle.

There are intelligent guys in every community and every walk of life. They have different economic and social backgrounds and so I agree that there is no equal competition. But, the purpose of this life is its competition and the struggle.

There was story about a scientific experiment involving a caterpiller turning into a butterfly. As the students watched the butterfly struggling to come out of the coccon, a student took pity and helped the butterfly out and after a few minutes it died, because it was denied the opportunity to struggle and develop strong wings (Strory paraphrased from "You can win", pp.46)

From animals to humans to everything in life, the purpose is in its struggle. The greatest of human stories lie in this. This is one reason, why some of the great rich men came from poor backgrounds, inventors came from not-so-educated backgrounds. Guys like HEnry Ford, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Edison, Hellen Keller.... fought against all odds.

So, even if its conducted ideally, reservation removes the whole purposes of lives of backward communities. It kills their motivation and inspiration. But, the problem gets infinitely larger due to corruption and despotism. So-called forward communities get punished and face India's version of genocide. It also continues the caste system (people are decided by birth) and produces a cycle of guilt on those who use the reservation system. Even after 60 years of Independence, I'm called forward caste and is it not unconstitutional...

Reservation, like Communism and Racism, are from the rotten ideas of 20th century. They are conceived, produced and practised by fools, despots and psychotics who had bitter experiences in their childhoods. Let us not continue it in the 21st Century. Even if it practised in a lower scale, a holocaust is a holocaust and even if the criteria for selection is different a genocide is a genocide. Reservation falls in the same category - whether we practice in a lesser scale or whether we use different criterion, we are doin grave injustice to the future generations.


Anonymous said...

For people who have had hard life for 5000 years, giving a little extra consideration since 59 years to bring them on par with people who have generally enjoyed superior social, economical and political conditions is not being appreciated???

Balaji said...

For those crimes that our ancestors might have committed to your ancestors, dont you feel it is injustice to reward you, the current generation by depriving us. The crimes of the past generations are no longer relevant. An entire generation has passed since the banning of untouchability.

Ananth said...

@ anonymous

How would you like it if you were born in Germany and I was a Jew and I shoot your kid because your grandfather MIGHT have killed my kin ?

Balaji said...

Well said, Ananth

Anonymous said...

Jews as example is improper.
We are talking about civilised education, Not Killing instincts. Anyway reading Bhagavadgita(from your site)doesn't seem to have improved your thinking!
You have had educations since generations! Why did you not go to Harvard or Oxford?
How do you think the first or second generation literates would fare?
The current system is being controlled by so called upper class-men(that term is debatable). And the corruption is rampant!

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous
Please dont write crap just for the heck of an argument.

Manee said...

there is a protest thats being organised on 14 april 2006,friday at india gate,amar jawan jyoti,8 am in the morning.Most of the delhi skools are turning up.PLease do come if you see you there..

Kaushik Srenevasan said...

@anonymous: It is ridiculous to call this a "little extra consideration".

Anonymous said...
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Srini swamy said...

Life is never fair guys. We can discuss history, jews, genocide, "little consideration" etc. But never we will be able to solve this issue and evolve a fair system. Even after 100 years this article may continue with a different word / pharse. The word "Exploitation" would have changed name and colour. Even now,people from SC/ST in India leave without one day food. I have seen before my own eyes that some SC/ST people (even children) were served food in the floor (cement/dry floor) and they eat from them. They don't even know what is reservation / racisim / communisim?? They are just exploited for years (!!!). At the same there are young intelligent children (young adults) trying their best in cities of Tamilnadu, not able to get the best seats in engineering / medicine. Person with lower marks(grade/percentage) coming from a lower caste gets a seat. Now where is the Yardstick? Whom to give and whom to not give? It is with the individuals. I have come across Vice Chancellor(s), Director(s) and people from best professions seek reservation for son / daughter in the name of Backward / SC's / ST's in educational institutions. Why they have to do that? They have money, network and mental strength to promote the child to take up something different / aspire something to be. For these people we need to take the cocoon and butterfly story!!. This is the main reason for the problem in TN and now India. People / social groups have to listen to their own minds, not to be unfair towards their own society before taking up reservation for their children. It's we(!!) have to change ourselves. The revolution should be within us and not outside. If we start respecting another human being without ego, this will die slowly. Alas! this is the imperfection of human beings!!Still, i think there is no rationalisaton (!!)....Now critics just keep commenting.