Friday, December 14, 2007

Lead India

If nation's tastes and interests were determining its destiny then India is on the right track. The extremely popular Lead India Campaign by Times of India (the tabloid finally woke up to do finally something worthful) is really ennervating. The image is really powerful. And this is not at all impossible. If at all, it just reminds of Mahatma's struggle. The struggle of the rich and educated elite became a national freedom struggle by one man's lead. And as he lead, entire India followed like in the video below. And among them we found the finest of leaders who were previously trapped in their everyday trappings.

Will we shake up ourselves in this video's style? Chances are slim. But, it is still possible.

For a long time we have been cribbing on our environment. But as Sharukh and Amitabh say, we have no right to complain about the Traffic Jam. We are that Jam.
See Sharukh's and Amitabh's Videos below:

And here is an older nice video with the "Ye Jo Desh Hai Tera" song in Swades. So Nostalgic.