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Taken from http://www.indiblog.com/119/vegetarian-terrorism/

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The following article was published in chicken’s digest monthly – May 40016 AD.

Author: Golden Chick.

Chicken population is getting fed up by the activities of CETH (Chicken’s for ethical treatment of humans). Yesterday they vandalized a restaurant of KFH(Kentucky fried humans) protesting against alleged ill treatment of humans in slaughter houses. Before a couple of months they ransacked research labs of chicken & chicken medical co protesting against scientific experiments being conducted on guinea humans.

This inchicken behavior failed to draw enough public attention. Thus these vegetarian terrorists gain confidence and are encouraged to do more such humanely acts. The meat industry and scientific community are suffering huge losses because of these veggie terrorists.

They spread a lie that humans are ill treated in slaughter houses. It’s true that men are castrated without sedatives in slaughter houses, but I would like to point out that this is perfectly legal. Further these veggie terrorists forget that earlier humans castrated bulls in slaughter houses without sedatives. Actually every act of alleged cruelty pointed out by CETH terrorists were all earlier done on animals by humans.

CETH argues against de teething of humans in slaughter houses. But if human teeth aren’t removed these dumb witted humans will kill each other by biting. Space is a luxury in slaughter houses with each human getting 1 square feet of space, so they keep on fighting. Top avoid damage to human flesh, we de teeth them. And no we cannot administer sedatives while de teething. If we administer them meat prices will shoot up by 20%. Further, humans de-beaked chickens without sedatives in the past, so why should we care now?

CETH points out that stunning is ineffective. They say that as a result humans are killed with consciousness and at times are skinned alive and with consciousness. But I would like to point out that the meat industry has reduced this number to a large extent. Earlier around 10% of humans were skinned alive, but now that number has dropped down to 2%. Now let me describe this process and the precautions taken by our industry.


During shackling, humans are hung upside-down by their legs on a line of shackles moving fast—approximately 182 humans per minute. Leg deformities and other injuries typical of large broilers may exacerbate the pain as their sensitive periostea are pinched and compressed by the metal shackles. After shackling, 3 percent of humans will have broken bones and 4.5 percent had dislocations. But this is immaterial since they will be slaughtered within an hour of shackling. If the industry tries to reduce shackling speed, then our production time will be drastically reduced.

Stunning and Temporary Immobilization

After dumping and shackling, humans proceed to the stunning area, where they are passed through an electrically charged water bath before having their throats cut. “Humane slaughter,” as defined by law for most species in many developed countries, requires that humans be rendered unconscious and, thus, insensible to pain prior to slaughter. But it is almost impossible to ensure that every human is rendered unconscious because the varied nature of the species hinders the effectiveness of the electrical settings. Doing so would increase our costs by many folds. As a result around 3% of humans escape stunning.


After being stunned—or rather, temporarily immobilized or even entirely conscious after completely missing the stun bath due to avoidance behavior—humans are conveyed toward an automated spinning blade, commonly referred to as the “killing machine,” which is designed to cut their necks. Some conscious humans are able to avoid this blade, as well, by lifting their heads or flapping their sides. Many humans dodge the knives, some completely, some partially, because they are not fully stunned.


Humans are dipped into the scald tank, which contains scalding hot water, to facilitate skin removal. It’s true that sentient humans are, indeed, sometimes scalded. Red-skin human carcasses, commonly found when electrical stunning methods have been used, are caused by a physiological response to heat when live humans enter a scald tank. But I would assure you that this number is very low, just 3.7 million humans per year which shows that our plants operate at 97% efficiency levels.

From the above said arguments it would be clear that CETH is exaggerating the activities done in slaughter houses. I would like to point out that chicken gospel says that humans were created for the well being of chickens. Everything was created for chickens and thus religion doesn’t prevent eating human meat. Further from a biological stand point it will be clear that chickens have sharp beaks to tear of human flesh. Chicken Godcreated chickens as carnivorous beings and thus its unnatural for chickens to become herbivorous.Veggie chickens lack essential nutrients and thus lead an unhealthy life style.

Hence I would request government and public to stop the atrocities of CETH and save the meat industry from these vegetarian terrorists.

Triple Talaq - Should it be there in civilized societies

A man in his sleep had bad dreams, called out the words "Talaq, Talaq, Talaq". What's so special about it? After all, we all have talked something or the other in sleep, at some point of time. But, can you imagine that this caused him to break up his happy family life and he is forced to go out of 11 year married life, when has a happy wife. Confused at Insanity? Welcome to the stupid practice of Triple Talaq.

Islamic religion has this practice of triple talaq (utter the word talaq three times to your spouse and you are divorced) and it is as draconian as it is insane. It is reported to have been out of Quaran but still a part of Sharia law. So, if any Muslim utters these to his wife, he is divorced and cant live with her. They are separated and unless they marry someone else and live with them for "atleast one night" and then use the same triple talaq to divorce them and remarry with the original spouse. Whow!!! I never imagined such insane practices exist still in 21st century.

So, in this case this guy told these words accidentally in his sleep and his wife by chance heard it and casually spoke about this funny incident to her friends. The Islamic clerics knew it and bam... they are to be separated. In an older case, a couple acting in a movie uttered these words as part of the movie dialogue and they were separated in real life!!!!! In many cases, it also puts women in bad state as a weak wife can be readily divorced by a husband, just by uttering three words.

The craziest thing is such laws are also enforced in the so-called secular India. Indian polity who want to seem secular practice such stupid practices of having separate laws for each religion.

When will India ever obtain true Independence (against ignorance, bigortory, chauvinism, racialism, discrimination, inequality)

Sleep talking man loses Wife
What is Triple Talaq?
Ban Tiple Talaq

Murder of IIT & IIM

Indian government is taking a great initiative of murdering the two of the golden goose that India is really proud of - IIM & IIT. The weapon to be used is the same used every where else that made India the most poor nation - RESERVATION. Yes, Indian government announces to implement that draconian MANDAL COMMISSION recommendation for the IITs & IIMs. See the insane Indian minister's announcement here.

A small background to this stupid principle... Indian society had a system called caste, that divided the society based on the type of labor. Expectedly, some type of labor was considered better than others and so the division of labor became a tool of inequality. As the society progressed through thousands of years of evolution and attacks, some practices became hardened and the principles that backed the practices vanished. In this case, the caste system became worse enough to prevent social ability and people were decided by birth, on what type of occupation they can perform. It was terribly unfair and social thinkers sought out to remove the stale practices resulted out of this bad principle. So, there were attempts to bridge this unfair treatment. So far so good.

But, what happened after Independence was that there was policy to reserve specific proportion of seats in academic institutions for these backward sections of the society. This is equally unfair, as people are getting punished for bad practices that their ancestors committed. And, as caste groups got stronger they demanded similar lower caste treatment for them and in many states almost 70% of seats are reserved for lower castes, leaving very little for competition. This killed competition, innovation and motivation. India sunk to more and more levels and finally by 1991, it became a begger nation on the verge of bankruptcy. Politicians benefited from provoking social sentiments and the small group of creamy intellectuals were sided and by naming them forward castes, they were denied of places in academic institutions and jobs. Since, they were small they didnt have the muscle power to counter the reservationist Hitlers. Bloodshed happend in society in the form of poverty and the lucky few escaped abroad.

By great luck, India started to embrace globalisation since 1990's which unexpectedly countered this horrible practice a bit. By bringing in more jobs and insitutions, even people of forward castes could progress and within a decade this suppressed group progressed really well and given the low reservation in the national elite insitutions, IIT and IIMs prospered and India became a great growing nation. But, the government now tries to stamp on the very heart of the system that brought India out of its shabby past. India's elite acadmic institutions and private corporations, who arteried this great revolution by mitigating reservation, are under target. They are to be forced into reservation. The cruel tools that killed India in the first 44 years of its deadly past are to be used again.

In principle, the scenario is similar to the one in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" (IF you have not read that book, you are seriously missing something in life). There are some group of hard working innovators who built this nation and the remaining are a large majority of leechers who want to lick their hard-earned efforts. The successes of innovators are going to be used as weapons against them. India's elite who built majority of the great nation we see today, are going to be punished, penalized by a group of politicians who believe that they want a share of the prosperity that these elites have rightfully earned.

If you see the problem clearly, you can see the solution: SHRUG. If the nation ever repeats this gory practice of reservation, it is the duty of its great elites to give up this nation. Get out of it and dont be a part of its work. If all the great elites of IIT get out of it, then the government will see that all this institution has is walls and lawns. They can bring all the castes they want and they can shred every grass in it. Let the govt. know who is responsible for bringing up the growth of these insitutions. When, the nation sinks to the deadly state when all the elites leave it, then they will see what the remaining people are worth and let the remaining people know what they are worth. They wont face any discrimination, rigorous competition and there wont be any 'forward caste' person to take away their jobs. Then, they will know what brought them down - it is not the discrimination of the forward castes, but it is their mindsets. Till they realize the worth of the elites, they will never realize the truth. Indian polity requires harsh treatments.

No man can be ensalvened without his consent. There can be no discrimination against a person who doesnt feel inferior. When people talk of discrimination let them remember these lines.

If the Indian polity doesnt realize the truth, we should prepare for the ultimate thing: SHRUG all responsibilities for our nation, and form a new free society.