Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Visions for the Organization

Guiltiness of yesterday fills our mornings and fear of tomorrow shadows our nights,
Gloominess of our work and emptiness of our actions loads our day,
We try hard to know the purpose of life and reasons for our existence,
Alas! We could never understand the secrets of Nature's philosophy.

We need an action to change the boringness of our lives,
We need a connection to fill the hollowness of our isolation,
We need a passion to break the inertia that stops from doing our best,
And, We need a vision to remove the chaotiness of our psychology.

Amazed are we, when we know the potential of our minds,
Astonished are we, when we know the passions of our friends,
Appalled are we, when we see the conditions of our poor nation,
Is it not a shame, that we still find it hard to solve the problems of sociology?

Let us pray God to give us the vision to solve our problems,
Let us worship Lord for giving us power to overcome the obstacles,
Let Him empower us to take on our dreams on seeing social prosperity,
God! We request you to be with us in our race towards secular theology.

Diverse are we in our regions and origins,
Varied are we in our missions and ambitions,
Together we stand at the crossroads of our common destiny,
Let no force stop us from making history.

-- Balaji Viswanathan