Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A day in Indian life

On most days these days, I visit the neighborhood temple in the morning, clad in tradional Indian wear. On one of my recent visits to the temple, an elderly gentlemen accosted me:

Stranger: What is you name?
Me: Balaji Viswanathan(huh, who is this guy?)
S: What is your father doing?
Me: Viswanathan.... (What does he want?)
S: Are you married?
Me: No, not yet (!$!$!$ Indians are famous for blunt questions)
S: What is your age?
Me: 26
S: Where do you work?
Me: I worked for Microsoft, and now building my startup (at this point, I wanted to really cut the conversation and continue with my business)
S: I worked as a senior manager @ Air India. I have a 24 year old daughter. She works as a senior software engineer in XXXX company. I'm looking for a well-educated son-in-law.
Me: ? (Well educated? You have come to the wrong place, buddy)... I'm not thinking about marriage now. I need to get my company stabilized before taking additional commitments.
S: That's ok. I have enough wealth. It's ok for you do your business.
Me: ?(If you have enough money be my VC and not my father-in-law :))
S: She is quite a beautiful girl and smart girl, but I have to ask her before finalizing this agreement.
Me: (Wait a minute.. who agreed to what here?) Sir, I said I'm not interested in marriage at present...
S: It's ok. I will talk to your father and convince him. You don't worry.
Me: ($#!$%#)
S: What's ur zodiac sign?
(Indians are pretty strong believers in astrology)
Me: Taurus (will you really allow me to get away)
S: (After making a minute of mind calculation) Oh, I'm sorry. This alliance will nt work, as her zodiac sign will not match with urs.
Me: (With a heavy sigh of relief) That's not a problem. I really need to get going. Nice meeting you.