Tuesday, March 04, 2008

India's Aussie win: A fitting revenge to the goliaths of the game

If I say it was one of the sweetest of India's victories it would be an understatement. For, the yesterday's win by India in Australia was probably the best victory for Indian cricket in 23 years and the kind of celebration ensuing will be one of the greatest in history. When a billion people are in great celebration there are very few events in world history that could beat that in size and pomp.

I stayed awake till 4am for the match even though I had a doctor appointment and a bit of heavy work today, but I was nicely rewarded with some good entertainment. Missing entire night's sleep hurts a bit, but its ok :). This looks to be one of the best Indian sides in the last 15 years with a cool headed captain, a pace quartet, couple of discriplined spinners, fine fielding and deep batting. Sachin was in usual song and there need be no better sight in cricket that watching his game. Australians were comprehensively defeated in all quarters and it is a nice end to one of the most controversial series in recent cricket history.

The Davids of Cricket finally slayed the Goliaths of Cricket and it was a fitting revenge for a controversial series. There used to be a time, when Aussies mixed substance with arrogance. But, the former is totally gone, leaving them only with the latter. Australian cricket had a lot of nice gentlemen - Warne, Mark Waugh, Gilchrist and now all of them are gone, leaving them with only a bunch of bullies in Hayden, Symonds, Ponting and such. And the Australian spectators were trying to outdo their players, and the repeated allegations against the Indian player Harbajan Singh was disgusting. It looked like they all had a single minded pursuit of destroying India's most experienced bowler. It was really fitting that their spectators arrogance ended with a shaming defeat. Australians for too long gotten away being the Atilas and Genghiz khans of the game, and now they need to look forward to become normal players.