Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rang de Basanti in Action

For those of you who thought that the events in Rang de Basanti are impossible, think again. There was a peaceful procession of medical students in New Delhi and the Delhi police used lathi charge and teargas and violence to ward them off. The protestors were for a cause and their methods were peaceful. Like RDB, the villian is a cabinet minister. And the police were indiscriminate. Time is soon running out and at some point we have to fight the locusts who have managed to control India for the last 60 years. But, we should do much more intelligent work than the innocent youth of RDB. We are not having a single enemy. The thing that stands before us is a heinous system of reservation that has brainwashed people enough that most people just fight on its implementation and forget its unjust concept. The system of quota is against the spirit of Indian Constitituion's Article 15 (equality and non-discrimination based on birth) and is also against the spirits of democracy worldwide (US and European courts have illegalized quota systems)

Students protesting story

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Hul said...

US and European courts have illegalized quota systems - they should illegalize employers who employ people who used quota system.