Monday, April 24, 2006

Tank Man

One of the most incredible personalities in the recent history is this tank man of China. During the Tianenmen square protests, where Chinese students wanted democracy and gathered at the historic tianenmen square, in Beijing, they witnessed such a blood and horror that charecterized our era. The Chinese government used tanks and heavy armoury to break the protest of innocent, weaponless students. But, one man chose to defy them. He stood valiantly against all the tanks and its stunning to look at that picture and the video, where a human 'warrior' stands brave against dozen armoured tanks. See this video.

If someone needs courage, then you need to see this. I'm always impressed with such people who can terrorize 'fear'. They are real humans, who stand courageous for a just cause. Unfortunately, we have become a society of dumb people, who are willing to compromize values, who are willing to be voiceless before injustice, who are villing to be cowards before fear and who become the main source of the evilness of the society.

"Evil can proceed only when the good become silent"

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