Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Murder of IIT & IIM

Indian government is taking a great initiative of murdering the two of the golden goose that India is really proud of - IIM & IIT. The weapon to be used is the same used every where else that made India the most poor nation - RESERVATION. Yes, Indian government announces to implement that draconian MANDAL COMMISSION recommendation for the IITs & IIMs. See the insane Indian minister's announcement here.

A small background to this stupid principle... Indian society had a system called caste, that divided the society based on the type of labor. Expectedly, some type of labor was considered better than others and so the division of labor became a tool of inequality. As the society progressed through thousands of years of evolution and attacks, some practices became hardened and the principles that backed the practices vanished. In this case, the caste system became worse enough to prevent social ability and people were decided by birth, on what type of occupation they can perform. It was terribly unfair and social thinkers sought out to remove the stale practices resulted out of this bad principle. So, there were attempts to bridge this unfair treatment. So far so good.

But, what happened after Independence was that there was policy to reserve specific proportion of seats in academic institutions for these backward sections of the society. This is equally unfair, as people are getting punished for bad practices that their ancestors committed. And, as caste groups got stronger they demanded similar lower caste treatment for them and in many states almost 70% of seats are reserved for lower castes, leaving very little for competition. This killed competition, innovation and motivation. India sunk to more and more levels and finally by 1991, it became a begger nation on the verge of bankruptcy. Politicians benefited from provoking social sentiments and the small group of creamy intellectuals were sided and by naming them forward castes, they were denied of places in academic institutions and jobs. Since, they were small they didnt have the muscle power to counter the reservationist Hitlers. Bloodshed happend in society in the form of poverty and the lucky few escaped abroad.

By great luck, India started to embrace globalisation since 1990's which unexpectedly countered this horrible practice a bit. By bringing in more jobs and insitutions, even people of forward castes could progress and within a decade this suppressed group progressed really well and given the low reservation in the national elite insitutions, IIT and IIMs prospered and India became a great growing nation. But, the government now tries to stamp on the very heart of the system that brought India out of its shabby past. India's elite acadmic institutions and private corporations, who arteried this great revolution by mitigating reservation, are under target. They are to be forced into reservation. The cruel tools that killed India in the first 44 years of its deadly past are to be used again.

In principle, the scenario is similar to the one in Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" (IF you have not read that book, you are seriously missing something in life). There are some group of hard working innovators who built this nation and the remaining are a large majority of leechers who want to lick their hard-earned efforts. The successes of innovators are going to be used as weapons against them. India's elite who built majority of the great nation we see today, are going to be punished, penalized by a group of politicians who believe that they want a share of the prosperity that these elites have rightfully earned.

If you see the problem clearly, you can see the solution: SHRUG. If the nation ever repeats this gory practice of reservation, it is the duty of its great elites to give up this nation. Get out of it and dont be a part of its work. If all the great elites of IIT get out of it, then the government will see that all this institution has is walls and lawns. They can bring all the castes they want and they can shred every grass in it. Let the govt. know who is responsible for bringing up the growth of these insitutions. When, the nation sinks to the deadly state when all the elites leave it, then they will see what the remaining people are worth and let the remaining people know what they are worth. They wont face any discrimination, rigorous competition and there wont be any 'forward caste' person to take away their jobs. Then, they will know what brought them down - it is not the discrimination of the forward castes, but it is their mindsets. Till they realize the worth of the elites, they will never realize the truth. Indian polity requires harsh treatments.

No man can be ensalvened without his consent. There can be no discrimination against a person who doesnt feel inferior. When people talk of discrimination let them remember these lines.

If the Indian polity doesnt realize the truth, we should prepare for the ultimate thing: SHRUG all responsibilities for our nation, and form a new free society.


Anonymous said...

who is John Galt??

Mayur said...


I agree with you we should never kill competetion. In my opinion having some form of reservation is good, however this should encourage competition and not dissuade it as it does now.

We should give a chance for the lower-cast individual to get a "reserved" seat in a educational institute/school, however it should be limited to only a specific period, so if the individual chooses to use this benefit during his educational phase then he should be dis-allowed while using it while seeking a job. This way he knows that he got a benefit and also would make the best of it as he would have to compete with the general public in the future.

Also we should not allow educational reservations for anyone who already have educated folks in their close family.

Balaji said...

The biggest problem in your approach is the concept of reservation itself. I'm not saying that reservation should not be based on caste, etc. I'm saying that there should nothing called reservation itself - be it based on caste, sex, economic level, etc.

If suppose Indian cricket board decides that 20% of Indian team should be from rural places, or should go to poor or lower castes, or if olympic committe decides that 30% of olympic medals should go to underprivileged wont you consider the proposal bullshit?

I believe that institutions should be based on performance, just as how the sports are based on pure performance. If someone doesnt have a skill to score century, forget becoming a Tendulkar. U cant become a Tendulkar or Agassi or Schumi unless u perform like them. Simple!!! It nurtures competition, inspiration and motivation. It also helps the society know who is a TEndulkar differentiated from some poor batsman. Without that the whole sport team would collapse.

Reservation is not just illogical and stupid, but it is a crime against humanity. By giving the undeserved a place, you r denying the livelihood of a deserving candidate. You are unjustly punishing him for the sole act of good performance. Once a society punishes a performer for good performance, the society loses its right to exist....

erasmus-in-india said...

Hmmm... I probably dont fully understand the whole reservation thing. My friends from all IIM's keep sending me petition, news abt people who want to imolate themselves etc... Why a country with such a huge economic potential would want to commit suicide by preventing its best students to join its best institutes?

I was at IIMB as exchange student. I saw people working hard there. Then I thought of joining IIMB for the full 2-year program. I put a post on the pagalguy/mba forum and some indians told me not to steal there seats!

Those are different issues. But in both cases, I am against reservation/quota and in favor of diversity.

1) reservation for lower casts: the indian government should ensure high quality primary education to all and then let the best students join the IIM/IIT's through CAT.

2) lack of foreign students: I'm not begging for quota. I expect to work as hard as Indians. Not harder. Right now, the GMAT route to the IIM's is highly subjective. The ones to go through are mainly NRI's and the admission process depends almost fully on IIM's willingness to do some extra administrative work.

India would gain from diversity... Students from all origins, religions and casts... The only thing i believe in is merit!


barbarindian said...

Why the Che Guevara picture?

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