Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Triple Talaq - Should it be there in civilized societies

A man in his sleep had bad dreams, called out the words "Talaq, Talaq, Talaq". What's so special about it? After all, we all have talked something or the other in sleep, at some point of time. But, can you imagine that this caused him to break up his happy family life and he is forced to go out of 11 year married life, when has a happy wife. Confused at Insanity? Welcome to the stupid practice of Triple Talaq.

Islamic religion has this practice of triple talaq (utter the word talaq three times to your spouse and you are divorced) and it is as draconian as it is insane. It is reported to have been out of Quaran but still a part of Sharia law. So, if any Muslim utters these to his wife, he is divorced and cant live with her. They are separated and unless they marry someone else and live with them for "atleast one night" and then use the same triple talaq to divorce them and remarry with the original spouse. Whow!!! I never imagined such insane practices exist still in 21st century.

So, in this case this guy told these words accidentally in his sleep and his wife by chance heard it and casually spoke about this funny incident to her friends. The Islamic clerics knew it and bam... they are to be separated. In an older case, a couple acting in a movie uttered these words as part of the movie dialogue and they were separated in real life!!!!! In many cases, it also puts women in bad state as a weak wife can be readily divorced by a husband, just by uttering three words.

The craziest thing is such laws are also enforced in the so-called secular India. Indian polity who want to seem secular practice such stupid practices of having separate laws for each religion.

When will India ever obtain true Independence (against ignorance, bigortory, chauvinism, racialism, discrimination, inequality)

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