Wednesday, February 22, 2006

US policy on Iran - US charting a dangerous course

From the recent statements made by Bush administration, I fear that US is readying itself for yet another war in Middle East. This time against Iran. It is terrifying. Iran is not Iraq or Afganistan. Iran is not as isolated and it is really a strong nation to be cowed by US tactical missiles. Besides it has teh support of Russia and China and even India cant allow Iran to be attacked. But, most importantly it is over Staraits of Hormuz, that controls half of World's oil supply. Saudi, UAE, Iran and Iraq's oil supplies run through this small stretch and any attack on Iran can make it to retailate by attacking supplies here..... Imagine such a situation

If that strait is destroyed, world oil flows will stop. IF oil exports stop, world stops literally. Transportation systems stall, electricity stops, economies crash and jobs will plummet. All for what??? Why should we do all this? The best thing for us to do is contain the Iran's nuclear ambitions by diplomacy and talks. Use the principles of carrot and stick. US should think sanely and understand Iran's ambitions and genuine fear. Iran is a nation with a very rich history and vast size. It cant be treated as a pushover. US and Western governments can surely hold meaningful talks if they are practical and put satisfiable demands and Russia, China, India and the middle east can act as mediators. By making jingoist statements Bush is not doing any good to America. He is only feeding the side of extremist authoritarian regime of Iran.

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Hiren said...

As it is the Iraq war was a blg blunder and one hopes that it does not boomerang on the US like 9/11 because many believe that it was because of wrong US policies. Nuclerar non proliferation cannot work by merely signing a piece of paper.