Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Greenland Ice is melting

I guess one of the towering achievements of man would be to make greenland into a tropical region. Maybe not that much, but we have certainly warmed the world enough to make Greenland's glaciers to pump billions of liters of water into the sea. Should that be a great surprise considering the fact that all major natural disasters of historic proportions have started to occur in the last couple of years.

It is a grave threat that has the following consequences:

1. It really shows that Global warming is a serious problem. Global Warming Deniers have always argued that the smoke and dirty gases (including CO2, methane) that we emit wont harm the earth as much. They questioned the accuracy of the computer models and to their advantage the effects of global warming were too slow to be measured empirically. Now, they could see with their bare eyes that Greenland's glaciers have sunk upto 150m in the last 15 years. The summers are warm enough to grow potatoes in Greenland. If we dont act fast we are in for more ugly surprises from world over, and before we start to act, it would be too late. Read more on global warming here.

2. Artic creatures are threatened with extinction. Many of them are already endangered, but these could destroy further species. Many of the creatures have a crucial dependence on the ice and loss of ice would be big blow to these poor creatures.

3. Salinity reduction of water can affect ocean currents. Pumping of more freshwater causes the salinity of the sea to reduce a great extent int the North Atlantic region and this would affect surface density. The effect would be the the warmer currents from gulf stream might be changed and Europe and North America could face more harsher weather. This could mean loss of billions of dollars in agricultural productivity.

4. Most importantly, the effect of global warming acceleration would be the drowning of major land masses including Bangladesh etc. and this could put enormous strain on human society, to say the least.

Why not let us act on reducing global warming....

Use lesser energy. Let us remember that our energy consumption pattern need not be same as those of our parents or our predecessors. We have an urgent need to save more energy. See some tips for this here.

About.com gives global warming tips here

We can write to our political representatives and make them aware of the implications. See, some of the things that could be done politically here.

Most importantly, research more. If you are computer scientist work on creating more accurate simulations, if you are scientist analyze weather patterns, waveforms... if you are a social worker analyze the impacts on various societies. So many things to be done here....

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