Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stop Iran from having the Bomb

In the recent months, there is a growing threat of Iran's nuclear aresenal. Iran is in the verge of making enriched uranium and in the current rate might produce fissible Plutonium and then nuclear weapons in the next few years. This is a very scary situation that can't be ignored. Imagine an Al-Queda terrorist with a pound of plutonium weapon, near Empire state building, near Rashtrapati Bhavan (Indian president's residence), near Westminister Abbey or near any major destination, threatening to blow up unless some extrordinary demands are satisfied.

Even with ordinary guns and thermal bombs, the terrorists are able to shake the human civilization with human bombs, what if they had a million times more powerful bomb!!!! Even more scarier thing is, once nations reach the expertise of producing nuclear bombs, its impossible to stop them from building further weapons....

Iran is a big nation in Middle-east with a very great history and is a bed of civilization for thousands of years. However, in the last years since the 'Mullah Revolution' in 1979, Iran drifted into a path of extremist islamization and an utter hatred for the west. The current president of Iran carries this even further (he is alleged to be a former kidnapper during the revolution era) and threatens to wipe out Israel and all Jews and wants to end the Western prosperity. This is very scary and probably even more worse, because he is a head of a major state (unlike Osama bin Laden who 'offcially' doesnt have a state) and having access to hundreds of fighter planes, bombs, guns. If this situation is not deadly, add the ambition for nuclear weapons.

It is a sure recipe for disaster and soon they could threten any infidel (includes all non-muslims and sane muslims). For example, Islamic terrorists could threaten to put nuclear bombs in New Delhi, unless Kashmir is separated. Can India face such a deadly situation?

The world has enough problems. Let us not end the human race by giving Iran, a nuclear bomb.

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Noorul Islam K M said...

If India, US, Israel, etc. can have nuclear weapons, then why don't Iran? I feel that they have all the right for any kind of bomb on this earth.