Sunday, February 12, 2006

First major snow storm of the season

Yesterday we had a major snow storm (the biggest I've seen since coming here in 2004) and almost entire north-east is covered with heaps of snow. Outside our house in Baltimore, MD a foot of snow has gathered. The snow has affected flight schedules and almost 2000 flights are rescheduled today due to this. Yesterday, my journey from Seattle was rescheduled to go via Denver instead of Chicago due to the snow and I was fortunate to reach my home before all the fiasco. When I landed in Baltimore at around 12midnight the airport received a hell lot of snow and I managed to get a taxi and reach home safely. The snow made even the midnight look a lot brighter and it is a nice sight to watch snow (safely behind an enclosed area). But, the snow is a very costly one, economically, due to the flight delays, loss of economically productive time and an enormous effort involved in clearing it.

NY times article

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