Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A day in Indian life

On most days these days, I visit the neighborhood temple in the morning, clad in tradional Indian wear. On one of my recent visits to the temple, an elderly gentlemen accosted me:

Stranger: What is you name?
Me: Balaji Viswanathan(huh, who is this guy?)
S: What is your father doing?
Me: Viswanathan.... (What does he want?)
S: Are you married?
Me: No, not yet (!$!$!$ Indians are famous for blunt questions)
S: What is your age?
Me: 26
S: Where do you work?
Me: I worked for Microsoft, and now building my startup (at this point, I wanted to really cut the conversation and continue with my business)
S: I worked as a senior manager @ Air India. I have a 24 year old daughter. She works as a senior software engineer in XXXX company. I'm looking for a well-educated son-in-law.
Me: ? (Well educated? You have come to the wrong place, buddy)... I'm not thinking about marriage now. I need to get my company stabilized before taking additional commitments.
S: That's ok. I have enough wealth. It's ok for you do your business.
Me: ?(If you have enough money be my VC and not my father-in-law :))
S: She is quite a beautiful girl and smart girl, but I have to ask her before finalizing this agreement.
Me: (Wait a minute.. who agreed to what here?) Sir, I said I'm not interested in marriage at present...
S: It's ok. I will talk to your father and convince him. You don't worry.
Me: ($#!$%#)
S: What's ur zodiac sign?
(Indians are pretty strong believers in astrology)
Me: Taurus (will you really allow me to get away)
S: (After making a minute of mind calculation) Oh, I'm sorry. This alliance will nt work, as her zodiac sign will not match with urs.
Me: (With a heavy sigh of relief) That's not a problem. I really need to get going. Nice meeting you.


Anonymous said...

did that really happen or are you cooking up a new story??

As i see it said...

some how this story doesnt look right with you as the protagonist.. We are more used to the bv standing at the temple entrance and proposing to all eligible girls coming in.. :-)

Balaji said...
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Balaji said...


Yup.. it is a real incident (with a small variation that all those questions were asked to my parents who were next to me)....a lot of elders are always on the lookout for brides/grooms, and in the last one week the topic of marriage entered in atleast 6 of the conversations with friends & family

Pramod Biligiri said...

Awesome! Hilarious :)

thegemconcealed said...

really good...its too ridiculous and yet too common. :)