Monday, October 26, 2009

Moving to India - part 4

Now that it is clear (to me atleast) why I'm moving to business and why I'm moving to India, next comes what I'm going to do now. I have a few ideas, but I'm going to start from democratizing economics and finance. This crisis was a painful reminder of how little objective information is out there and getting used by common people. News sources offer pretty biased, subjective opinions on the eocnomy and financials, while common people need more of objective facts. The facts (in the form of government statistics and company earnings releases) are all public, but there are very little tools at the reach of common man to make sense out of them.

I'm really passionate about data and the tools to visualize the data. My goal is to have a central place where an objective (wo)man can access any major economic/financial data at the click of a mouse,visualize the major patterns that are occuring, and then make decision on investing, retirment planning and career moves based on it. This should act as a bulwark against the imbecile showmen and clowns in the media, who pretend to delieve advice on finance and investing.

Over the course of my work at Microsoft, I have made a lot of interesting friends and some of them will be a part in build this idea. My little venture is to start by the end of this year in Chennai, India and I will be joined by my partner and other people in the team early next year. It is too early to discuss the business plan and the product design in public, but this blog will publish it first when it is ready to go public.


Neeraj said...
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Noorul Islam said...

Looking forward to such an initiative. Hope this will be helpful for newbie investors.