Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What do Indians search?


I was going through google search trends - http://www.google.com/intl/en/press/zeitgeist2008/world.html#top and it is fascinating to see what Indians search the most J. I have not seen so many actors in the zeitgeist for any other country. And interestingly there is no male actor in the list. So, I think search in India is highly dominated by boys and I guess any search company trying for Indian market should note the demographic trend and configure the product accordingly. The overall theme fits with the fourth column.


Top searches on Mobile

1. orkut

2. yahoo

3. waptrick

4. gmail

5. games

6. katrina kaif

7. rediffmail

8. yahoomail

9. namitha

10. google

Fastest Rising

1. youtube

2. orkut

3. katrina kaif

4. cricket

5. irctc

6. facebook

7. genelia d'souza

8. beijing 2008 olympic games

9. sixth pay commission

10. ipl

Most Popular

1. orkut

2. gmail

3. yahoo

4. google

5. youtube

6. yahoomail

7. indian railways

8. rediff

9. cricket

10. katrina kaif

Top 'how to' searches

1. how to reduce weight

2. how to kiss

3. how to earn money

4. how to get pregnant

5. how to learn english

6. how to gain weight

7. how to play guitar

8. how to create a website

9. how to impress a girl

10. how to tie a tie

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