Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interesting stats on how Oil consumption patterns changed

I was collecting some data from International energy agency and here are some interesting results of how the world energy usage has changed since the first oil shock.

You can see the original data for this report at:

How energy consumption changed – energy consumption by region... OECD's consumption as a percentage of world enegy has come down significantly


Since 1973 shock, Oil’s share in energy use has substantially come down from over 46% to just 35% now. Every other energy source increased.


Oil production stats – Middle east’s share of world oil has reduced significantly since 1973 from 37% to 31%.


How coal markets changed – China became leader while OECD and Soviet receded


Source of electricity - Oil is no longer used to generate electricity


Oil usage by sector - Transportation is gobbling up a lot of energy


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