Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Unbelievable - Where are the hits coming from?

Seeing a spurt in the daily visits (more than tripled to almost 100/day nowadays) for the first time, I browsed through the logs of hits that this site gets, and I was so surprized of the outcome. Most of incoming links are from people searching Web in Google, and only one from Google's blog search, one from another site, and no Technorati or other blog engine hits. This was both worrying and surprizing.... surprizing because Google's web search indexes my blog well and "worrying" because no blog search or web search tool is directing to my site for any query (God burn all search engines other than google).

The kind of google searches that was bringing my blog to the top of Google search was mind boggling:

1. the foreign banks which are entering India in 2009
2. about tamil language in tamil
3.CHANCES IIT GRADUATES IIM gd/pi much gift dollars indian parents children in usa

and the best:
5.rigveda molten lead would be poured into their ears

I dont have an idea of how these hits come to my site and I guess many of the visitors themselves dont know it. Seeing the logs, I found a few good readers spening some time (alteast 5 mins) reading while most had immediately closed or gone to another site. Most of the incoming hits were from XP systems with 1024*768 monitors. The statistics has so much interesting information about who (I mean which IP location) is currently reading what and when it gets wings after a couple of years, I can even cater to those people who read the article to considerable time. Right now I got a work cut out - Make a lot of articles, lot more interesting and relevant as many readers had closed the browser before reading fully :(.

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Ashutosh said...


Do u have any idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ? I am also trying to drive traffic to my blog, can u suggest something ?