Saturday, December 23, 2006

Investing Basics

In the last few months, I took the Introduction to Stock Investing course at the University of Washington, and learnt in detail about a lot of stock investing. Stock investing always intrigued me as I was closely watching what my father used to do in the 1994 India's bull market. In the last 12 years, though we have not invested any more in it (due to the market crash), I used to regularly watch for the Sensex and read other stock investing articles. I didnt learn much, but always got me glued into it. I love entrepreneurship and in my childhood I used to read pretty closely of the father's agricultural investing books & manual (he was a banker in a rural branch). I was so attached to that, someday I'll build a big agricultural/real estate empire centered around rural India ;). And no doubt, Atlas Shrugged and Kane & Abel are my favorite novels, both stressing on entrepreneurship and contain great deal of hidden gems for potential investors.

Coming back to stocks, I now have a bit of experience and money to invest and practice them. So, I've embarked on goin on them. Actually, to reduce the clutter from this blog, I'm going to write a totally separate blog on investing (my 15th blog) and it will be found in -

However, some articles of common purpose will also be found in this blog. The next one in this blog is going to be "Whether Indian Real Estate is a Bubble?"

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