Saturday, December 23, 2006

From Madurai to Mustang

Madurai to (Maryland to Microsoft) to Mustang is a short account of what changes I'm undergoing for the last few years. I've start writing them down in my personal journal, as even 18 years before today (out of my total life of 23 years) appears pretty crystal clear to me. I'm now starting to fear about future (death, old age etc.) as 18 years seems to have passed in a whiff. The other day I was watching the "Ten Commandments" movie and suddenly I felt like going back by 10 years. Because even in 1996, I wanted to see that movie :). A number of changes seem to occur at such a stupendous pace that I feel that I'm totally wasting all my time. If 10 years had passed without significant change in me, I feell I'm in the wrong track. Only, time will tell whether I went faster or slower than the expected growth in the past.

Though, it is sometimes gloomier, I'm trying to look at the greener pastures, that from being a rural student to grow into a design engineer for Windows and buy my dream convertible, I seem to have done somthing. Mustang was my dream car, ever since I read an article 10 years ago in the young world. That article had great words about it and my father too agree to a lot of elements in it. To me it represents the quintessential Americanism and a symbol of American Dream and Freedom. The love for sun and free air, the absence of a roof above your head to constrain your dreams (you can always pull back the roof, if you want) and an 8 engine power to drag you easily past 150kmph, the roar of its engine are great. I was hell bent on the red color and finally got for a pricey sum of around $36K (including free maintanence and extended warranty for 6 years, along with a 3K sales tax). I did the calculations, and it seemed that I would not lose as much compared to a civic, if I run it for 6 years and sell it (I would lose $3K in 6 years, and you could request for the calculation). I love this baby and it seems I had grown up a bit the last couple of years.

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