Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Human rights activists are Stupid

I read with great interest the story of a 4 year old running for 65 kms in India. It was so amazing and being from a country which seldom produces olympic medals, I was thrilled. I always believed that India's greatest sporting talent remains hidden in rural India, which is untapped by all the sporting bodies. Thus, 90% of India, wherein almost all the potential remains, is underutilized due to red-tapism and poor facilities. Thus, this kid's achievement is a big thing as he is from that 90% India. But, immediately the insane humans rights activists are agog.

I always felt that the world's insanest human beings were within the forums of human rights. Those crazy fellows who dont dare to condemn crime empathaize with teh criminal instead of the victim. I never found any human rights activist voicing concern for a victim, though almost always they voice for the criminal who victimized the poor fellow. Now, those lunatics have immediately jumped to criticize the boy's coach and even threaten to implicate with child abuse and planning for murder. What the heck is this?

The human rights activist have not sounded anything when that boy was sold for $20 by his mother. They dont do anything to rescue the poor children from bonded labor, young girls from devilist girl rackets, they do nothing to change the condition of malnutrion and disease problems. But, when a success story is produced they jump to criticize the coach.

Once again, I'm convinced that the human rights activists are lunatics.


Sahil said...

Well, if a 5 year old boy is made to run for 65 kms at a stretch, it is obviously asking too much from a frail body. He is not born with magical muscles. If he really has the potential to win medals for india, he can be groomed at a later age as well.

As for human right activists not doing anything when somebody is sold , or in case of bonded labour etc....that is a different thing altogether. I am sure if a case of child labour or child sale is publicised as much as the little athlete's case was, the human rights activists would act there too.

YEs, it is inaction on their part when they do not act when not asked to. But if they had just let this boy grab media attention, it would have been a bad example for many other young kids.

If you know, that little kid's achievements were flashed on aaj tak, and other news channels for weeks at a stretch.

News channels in india have fallen to unbelievably low standards. They are like tabloids these days

Anonymous said...

It is the very correct decision to stop him to do 500 km foot journey. I know what the 500 km is. Biranchi Das' motive is money and more money only. He has a tie up with a PRO company in a gulf country to collect 1.5 crore money in the name of Budhia education etc. And that PRO does not provide even the telephone no. of Biranchi when he was asked for , saying the the deal with Biranchi is very secret. Can be imagined that he feared in providing just a phone no. (which can be accessed from anywhere) then what the whole game is behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

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