Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why not let us make a movie?

Reservation can hurt people and can kill them.

One of my cousins, who was one of the national level toppers in 1992, attempted suicide when Mandal commission was implemented and he was denied his dream Medical seat. After weeks of intensive care treatment in one of the country's best hospitals, his life was saved.

My family priest's son became a lunatic 15 years ago, when he was given a false information that he didnt get a seat, when he actually got one. Its pathetic to see a topper student running like a lunatic for 15 years.

Reservation has created much more horror stories than this and so many immolations and suicides have occured. So many families have been destroyed and doomed. So, many became mentally and physically ill.

Why, not let us collect our real-life stories and make them into a mini movie. We can select a best story and with just a video cam and 10 decent actors we can make a mini movie and with the comments of thousands of members we can really edit it to portray the actual horrors of reservation.

If it gets successful, we can invite even a mainline filmaker. If Rang de Basanti can get hit and change youth mindsets, why not let us change india with our real stories?

The orkut community for the interested members:

The wiki for developing the movie script and story:

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