Monday, April 17, 2006

Interview of a pro-reservationist and a anti-reservationist

A pro-reservationist and anti-reservationist are talking about cleaning river pollution.

Interviewer: What is the best way to clean up polluted water sources in India?

Anti-Reservationist: Work on the sources of contamination, produce methods to purify the waste and remove the junk from the polluted water source.

Pro-Reservationist: That kind of a work is troublesome and takes time. The best way is to connect all the polluted water sources to Ganges.

Interviewer: What? Wont it destroy the serenity of ganges and where are we solving the problem of cleaning up?

Pro-Reservationist: We dont need to bother abt cleaning up. Ganges runs pure because thousands of years it suppressed all those smaller water sources. Thus, we would make it equally impure by draining our water sources there, and in this way you cant call these water sources polluted, as every other water source also becomes impure.


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Thoughts Freewheeled said...

Good Joke. unfortunately the mentality of pre resrevation beggars too.