Friday, April 14, 2006

How can you accept Poor quality

This going to be my last post on reservation. I want to move on and cover wider stuff concering the world. If someone could not be convinced by the previous 6 articles, on this blog that illustrated the perils of reservation, let them as well be. A last try on those people.

IF you are an avid fan of cricket (or some other sport) how much tolerant are you going to be if the best player of the team (say Rahul Dravid) is going to be dropped just becaz he is a forward caste person and you need to provide chance for a person who totally doesnt play good cricket (say, someone like me) just becaz he is from lower caste and/or poor and/or from backward regions and/or he has some physical diability. More, if the match is goin to be as critical as a worldcup final against Australia or Pakistan. Wont people go on riots.... Can I justify my inclusion stating that I'm from a backward community that has never played Cricket in the last 1000 years and thus didnt have a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD :-)

If you have such standards for something as trivial as Cricket, why not for Medicine or Engineering or Management. If you believe that a bad player can affect your stupid sports team, how can you allow those bad players to come into critical services, on which your life and survival might depend on.

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