Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Prophet Mohammed's Cartoon Controversy

Yesterday I saw the news items about the angry reaction to the Prophet Mohammed's cartoons published by Jyllands-Posten. Caricaturing the Prophet is a sin in Islamic tradition and they brook no tolerence about anything said about their religion. But, apart from two of these cartoons none of them are really derogatory. While it is understandable to see the Islamic people hurt by the images, there is no excuse for their harsh reaction. They react to the smallest of things in the harshest of the ways. A minor protest and few civilized news articles could have conveyed their hurt feelings.

But, they are taking it too much and recalling ambassadors of nations and boycotting their products are over-reaction. If the Muslims react so hard for such simple things democratic traditions of criticizm and debate would never work. Within the borders of accepted civility, arts must be allowed to be expressed and this would also do good to them. By accepting criticism in a civilzed way, they can rectify their problems and gain constructive solutions. This would also make people of other religions to get more comfortable in discussing about the problems of the troubled religion and we would get better soltuions for fighting religious terrorism. Muslims!!! why should u leave ur religion to the drain and gain sterotyped images by protesting in harsh ways. It would serve no good to erase the world image of islam being a religion of hatred and violence.

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Noorul Islam K M said...

It is few people in the community who make these kinds of issues even worse. For example take the case of Rs. 51 crore offer from Yaqoob Qureshi, who is Uttar Pradesh Haj Minister, to kill that cartoonist. These are done for attracting muslim votes. No other motive is behind these kinds of statements. In India politicians use religious sentiments as weapons. They hang on these sentiments. Whatever be the religion; if someone publicly speak something like this he must be punished.