Thursday, February 16, 2006

India - the Superpower?

It is pretty interesting to see an increasing clout leveraged by the Indian consumers over the rest of the world. Indian students at oversees universities can convince the world about India's education system and its enrepreneurs in Bangalore, Mumbai, Silicon Valley and London along with the top-ranking executives in various multi-national companies wedge tremendous influence over economical thinking. Mittal could make European countries hide from the facts that they themselves were preaching not so long ago and Infosys is watched closely by software companies manytimes its size. India has a middle class strength of just around 20-25% of its population (more than 70% are poor) can make world dance to its tunes.

Read two interesting articles as a proof.

How India became a cricketing Super Power

How India everywhere campaign influenced the world economic forum at Davos

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