Saturday, February 18, 2006

Important resources Needed for a blogger

Blogging is revolutionizing the world of publishing, in the last two years. Thousands of bloggers are joining everyday and most of the blogs are hopeless junk (in blogspot, try ou the next blog link at the top, and most often you would land up only in junk blogs). However, those who really want to publish good stuff, get popular rankings and are able to sustain a good readership.

For a blogger to succeed, one of the main things needed is:

1. Good content
Without a product, there is no advertisement. Read more, collect more information and try to condense them in the blog.

Gile in his article emphasizes a lot on this.

2. Use blog listing sites, and blog search engines.
Register at Technorati and other blog groups related to your content. For eg. if your blog discusses on content related to India, you can register at and add more traffic. This site provides awesome resources on this

3. Build networks
Like social networks, build blog networks by reading and commenting other's blogs and providing links to them from your blog.

4. Provide good user interface and color settings.
You can get a lot more information regarding this here.

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