Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Glorious days of America

When one reads through novels like Kane & Abel (by Jeffrey Archer) he can stop feeling the greatness of America during the early 20th Century. I dont think any nation in the history of the world managed to grow so fast into an undomitable country that can influence the world's economy, science, arts, politics and culture. America's stunning glory can be traced to the period of late 19th Century to early 20th Century, when legendary humans populated this new nation. It's stunning to see how much they changed our lifestyles.

Edison and others gave the wonderful gift of electricity, lighting and of course motion pictures. Without it, our nights would have submerged into darkness and our past-times would have been so different. Hollywood, Television and later Cable TV & Dish Antennas and Soap Operas brought a stunning revolution to how people spend their leisure times. Walt Disney and others introduced the concept of theme parks and of course, the famous cartoons.

Henry Ford and others dramatically popularized what is to become a lousy vehicle for the filthy rich. The concept of automobiles have unimaginably changed the way in which humans move about and brought many countrysides to be closely knit with the nearby urban centers. This brought a great impetus for the economy and enabled people to have comfortable living at suburbs while having being a part of the bustling city. Wright Brothers carried this further and made the world into a truly global village by enabling us to FLY. John D. Rockefeller (founder of Standard Oil, at one time the biggest company in the world) and others dramatized the world with copious supplies of oil enabling us to enjoy the powers of energy!!!

How can one forget Graham Bell, the father of modern communication. He enabled the magic thing of carrying speech across the globe in split-second timings and I could have long chats with my mom & dad, sitting 12,000 miles across the world. The company AT & T (again the biggest company at one point) would change the world of communication and computing (remember the great computer language 'C', the legendary UNIX and host of ther systems came from its Bell Labs). Later combined with Internet, America surely stunned the world with the greatest revolution.

What about J.P Morgan and the great bankers of America? The concept of banking was greatly revolutionized along with Share Investments and later bringing in credit cards and ATM machines. Much of world Investment infrastructure can be attributed to the great bankers of this nation.

How much do we know about Charles Schwab & Andrew Carnegie? The American giant was fed by these remarkable men from their Steel factories. Without their revolutions in steel industry there would not have been many building in the today's world.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola invented in the late 19th century became the great symbols of youth and passion and the passion for them is the only thing constant about any place on earth. Rupert Murdoch & Washington Post & Newyork Times, Time Magaize & CNN defined the standards for modern news outlets.

Its hard to imagine that without America we would not have had Airplanes, Movies & Themeparks, telephones & Internet, Television & Cable TV, Light Bulb, Electricity, Credit Cards, Cok & Pepsi.... and we would not have used Automobiles, Petroleum ... Truly this nation is the greatest nation in the History of the World & we shall honor the great humans of this great period of 1870-1930, whose uncomparable grit and guts brought us to a world we are in.

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